Walt – the robot that paints!


Startup Spotlight – Endless Robotics

Next time you wanna paint your house, get robots to do it for you. Quick easy and economical. Ahha! and its happening in India. Now.

Introducing – Endless Robotics, startup based in Hyderabad that is developing robots to make life easier. Walt – the robot that paints. And boy it does is with such dexterity and swiftness that makes you go wow. The 6 ft robot can reach walls upto 10ft and paint 30 times faster than a skilled human painter. Here is a quick video.

Where it all started – Year was 2015 and the place was BITS- Pilani. Four friends were hanging around the campus when they saw painters working on the campus walls. Idea struck – why not automate it. By September ’15 they developed a prototype that drew attention of angel investors and grabbed $100k as investment in the first round.

Who – BITS Pilani grads – Akhil Varma, Nitesh Boyina, Puneeth Bandikatla and Srikar Reddy who politely declined the job offers and risked it all building the Walt – robot that paints.

Way Ahead – seems bright and promising having raised second round of funding of Rs.1 Crore. Company is already in talks with construction companies to sell their robots and have recently sold their latest version Walt 2.0 to Larsen & Toubro.

Our take – In India robot automation is picking up, but at a slower pace than western countries. However, we have got talent and resources to build great products. Idea Forge Technologies is one such example. Building right products that target the right set of customers is the key. See how Elon Musk reinvented the electric cars.