Starting up

How to begin from Idea to Startup!

This blog is for budding entrepreneurs who are about to jump into the Startup World.

Dear friends and would be entrepreneurs, thanks for stopping by. Here you will find step by step guide to begin working towards your dream. Why another blog on this topic you may ask. Yes, I asked this myself a hundred times and finally jumped in. There is a lot of noise about startups lately, it has been painted in colorful picture and glamour, but whats the reality?  1 out of 1000 succeeds. There are many more hidden facts which you get to know when you start the journey. I am writing this blog to uncover the reality and present you the truth, the things happening in the startup world and taking a different perspective on the whole.

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First things first. What do you do when an Idea hits you?

Learn about how to begin from Idea into a new endeavor. Sharing the cheatsheet to get started. Read more ..

build the team - startupzapp
Idea looks good. Now step 2.

Learn how to build your team and answer these 10 questions to be prepared for your very first pitch. Read more ..

naming your startup - startupzapp
Step 3. Name your Startup.

Sharing with you basic guidelines to choose a perfect name for your startup. And few stories  about the succesful ones. Its all in the name.  Read more ..

prototyping - startupzapp
Step 4. Test the waters with MVP.

Developing MVP – minimal viable product is an important step before pitching in for investments. Here are few tips on how to get started with your MVP   Read more ..

Create your business model. Step 5.

The business model is the most important thing any investor will ask you for. Moreover a clear business model signifies your understanding of your startup. Here are the basics of creating a simple business model for your startup  Read more ..

Who am I?  Your nextdoor startup pal, my friends call me VaiGai, a startup enthusiast and a budding entrepreneur working on my startup, hustling thru the journey now. Its a journey with lots of challenges and surprises. After graduating from IIT Bombay and working with an MNC for 8 years, the startup bug bit me. Jumped in right away. Steve Jobs was my God, Zuckerberg made me feel the urgency, Leonardo da Vinci inspired the creative side of me. It has been a roller coaster. I like ideating, making new friends, trying new things and writing. Music is my poison and I love travelling. Connect with me on twitter anytime.