Facebook for startups

Lets put technology at work. Facebook, one of the most prominent social networking sites can really help your startup grow and succeed in more than many ways. Let us look into how and why every startup must put Facebook in its marketing plan.

As a Trust Mark – have you ever checked a company’s page on Facebook? Yes? Why did you do it?  A Facebook page conveys quite a lot of things which play a major role in attracting new customers.

  • Proof of existence – a live and kicking Facebook page shows that you are in business and haven’t shut the doors. Your latest post shows how active you are in social.
  • More than your website – you can put out a lot of information about things you do, how your company works, the social activities you perform, last customer who loved your work and wrote back, etc. You can share it all on this place of yours, which is available always, no matter your website is working or not. And its free.
  • Conveys your popularity & size – LIKES to your page is a big indicator of your prominence. The more the likes you have, the more chances that the visitor makes a purchase from you. The fact that the visitor is at your page implies he/she is interested in your offerings. In short they are Warm audience.
  • Announcement engine – Its a great place to announce the updates, offers, and events so more and more people know about you. Compared to traditional media options (pamphlets, news paper advertisements, hoardings,etc) this turns out to be a very economical and fastest way.
  • Conveys that you are smart – there are lot of businesses who still dont use Facebook. People who find you on Facebook get an impression of your startup being smart and tech savvy and up to date with technology. You are easy to reach. Easy to communicate with, when compared to all others who are not on Facebook. For eg – next time you visit a chai point and see that he has a facebook page and a million likes, whats your perception about it? Will you not have a differnt kind of view about his business? think about it.

Well, by now I think you are convinced to have your presence on Facebook. Make your business page and keep it alive.

Making a Facebook page is the basic and beginners step. If you dont intend to use it for marketing, atleast keep it alive with weekly posts and updates.

Grow your likes. A decent number of Likes gives a mark of trust to your startup. 1000 is good to begin with, 10k is better, 100k gives you the edge over competitors. LIKE is nothing but a subscribe button, so next time you post something, people who liked your post are most likely to view it. However dont assume 100% of people who like your page get to see your posts. It depends on time they login and number of posts that show up on their wall. Your post might be beneath 100s of others on their wall. Hence I suggest to post at-least once a day to better the chances of engagement. A study suggests that on an average, people make decision to buy a product after they see/come across for 7 times.

Increase your LIKES –  It is one of the most important and crucial part of your Facebook journey. You don’t want every one to like your page. SELECT audience who are most likely to buy your offerings are the best ones to have like your page.  For eg. You dont want vegans to like your  page on chicken wings, would you? Also this goes a long way, as I said earlier, the people who like your page are your audience for ever, free of cost, every post you make, they are the ones who get to see it. For free.  Use Facebook ads (campaign) to target the right set of audience. You can select based on location, gender, age group, interests and more.

In my next post – Facebook advertisements basics – we will look into the best ways to put Facebook ads to work for your startup. Don’t forget to comment below and follow me on twitter if you like this article. Ciao!

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